Supporting organisations and events in the arts, culture and heritage sector is one way we seek to contribute to the enrichment of our communities both locally and nationwide.

Art Exhibitions

Murray & Co presents a regular exhibition of artworks by emergent Canterbury artists featuring particularly the School of Fine Arts students from the University of Canterbury. In 2019, Murray & Co created a group exhibition within the heart of the Christchurch Arts Festival.

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Christchurch Symphony Orchestra

The Milne and Murray families have supported the CSO in various ways over the years; Chris Milne is currently on the Board of Trustees of the Christchurch Symphony Foundation which works to support the orchestra.

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New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

Clare Murray is a Board Member of New Zealand’s national touring orchestra whose community and education programmes reach thousands of New Zealanders every year.

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Anglican Cathedral

Justin Murray is Chairman of Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement, the JV company responsible for reinstating the Anglican Cathedral in the centre of Christchurch.

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Cantabrainers Choir

Led by a qualified music therapist and a speech language therapist, Cantabrainers Choir is a therapeutic choir for people with neurological conditions such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and brain injury. Murray & Co sponsors Cantabrainers Choir which helps people improve their voice and communication through singing and socialising. Clare Murray chairs the Cantabrianers charitable trust.

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