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Art exhibitions

Supporting Canterbury Artists since 2011

Since 2011 when many of Christchurch’s art galleries were damaged or destroyed, Murray & Co has created opportunities for emerging Canterbury artists to show their work in a regular exhibition series. In the early years, exhibitions were held in the offices of Murray & Co but as new or renovated buildings emerged in the city’s rebuild, exhibitions popped up in interesting locations. For some artists, it has meant selling work for the first time, and for others, a Murray & Co exhibition has acted as a stepping-stone to dealer gallery relationships.

UC Ilam School of Fine Arts (SoFA)

We enjoy working closely with SoFA at the University of Canterbury and its talented students. In 2019 Murray & Co’s Exhibition for Emerging Canterbury Artists took place at the old National Bank Building at 110 Armagh Street, Christchurch. The exhibition occurred within the Christchurch Arts Festival programme. Murray & Co also continues to sponsor SoFA’s own exhibitions at the Ilam Campus throughout the university year.

2019 Art Exhibition Participants

  • Richard Elderton
  • Min Her
  • Sarah Hodgkinson
  • Blair Hoets
  • Micaela Irvine
  • Jackson Kearney
  • Viv Kepes
  • Liam Krijgsman
  • Alicia Skeaff
  • Samantha Walker
  • Emma Wallbanks
  • Vickey Zeng