In the community

Art exhibitions

Supporting Emerging Artists since 2011

Since 2011 when many of Christchurch’s art galleries were damaged or destroyed, Murray & Co has created opportunities for emerging artists to show their work in a regular exhibition series. Over the years, exhibitions have been held in the offices of Murray & Co as well as in new or renovated buildings emerging during the Christchurch rebuild. In 2023, this exhibition series was extended to include work by emerging Auckland artists in our Auckland offices. For some artists, it has meant selling work for the first time, and for others, a Murray & Co exhibition has acted as a stepping-stone to dealer gallery relationships.

School of Fine Arts (SoFA)

We enjoy working closely with Ilam SoFA, The University of Canterbury, and ELAM SoFA, The University of Auckland, and their talented students. Currently Murray & Co exhibits the works of six emerging artists across their two offices and hosts "Artists in Conversation" events where members of the public enjoy the artists sharing their stories and inspirations behind their works. Murray & Co also continues to sponsor SoFA’s own exhibitions at the Ilam Campus throughout the university year.

Current Art Exhibition Participants

  • MiKyung Jang
  • Janet Mazenier
  • Ruby Perring
  • Marie Porter
  • Jillian Wordsworth
  • Lulu Zeng